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Gender, Culture & Society Seminars @ UL Spring 2013

Posted on February 6, 2013 by Administrator

Tuesday 30 April

Dr Imogen Tyler, Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology and Co-Director for the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies, Lancaster University.
Co-sponsored by the Department of Sociology.
Title: ‘Naked Protest : Maternal Politics and the Feminist Commons’
In this lecture, Dr Tylor explores the practice of ‘feminist commoning’ through an examination of three protests: a naked protest by a group of mothers, ‘failed’ asylum seekers and `illegal immigrants‘ at Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre in England in 2008, the use of the ‘naked curse’ in protests by indigenous mothers against global oil corporations in the Niger Delta in 2005, and the ‘Expose the Naked Truth’ protest enacted by the feminist activist network CodePink in New York in 2010, against the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Texas. Weaving together activist materials, news reports, interviews, documentaries and historical data, she examines these seemingly local and disparate protests together in order to elucidate the transnational connections between these naked protests. Her aim is consider the common forms of what she terms ‘maternal politics’, which are being mobilised by women in different geo-political spaces, in their resistance to the gendered architectures of expropriation effected by neoliberalism.
Venue: KBG-16

Wednesday 3 April

Dr Diane Urquhart, Senior Lecturer in modern Irish history and Head of Department at the Institute for Irish Studies, Liverpool University.
Co-sponsored by the Centre for Historical Research
Title: ‘The unity of unionism: gender, covenant and commemoration’
In this lecture, Dr Urquhart assesses women’s often overlooked contribution to unionism in the early twentieth century and uses the Ulster Solemn League and Covenant of 1912 as a case study for considering women’s possible marginalization within that movement. Similarly, the recent covenant centenary is explored as a means to assess the gender inclusivity of the decade of commemoration thus far.
Time: 5.15pm
Venue: Glucksman Library Boardman