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Supplier Setup Guidelines

New Supplier Setup Procedure Guidelines

Prior to setting up a new supplier on the Financial System (Agresso), the University requires that the Supplier Setup Form be completed by the selected supplier.
1.Select the Supplier Setup From from the menu on the right hand side under Finance Forms.
2.The purchasing user fills in name and department on bottom line of form.
3.The purchasing user sends the form to the selected supplier to complete and return to Purchasing.
4.On receipt and validation of the completed Supplier Setup Form from the supplier, Purchasing sets up the supplier with an ID number on Agresso.
5.The purchasing user can find the ID no. when entering On-Line Requisition using the Blue Search button on Supplier ID

Self-employed or Employee

Before engaging the services of any individual you need to be aware of the differences between self- employed or employees. The Revenue code of practice in this area is available in the quick links section under finance documents. Any individual providing teaching or lecturing services is in an employee relationship and should be processed through the payroll system with PAYE/PRSI etc. deducted at source.
Individuals who have registered business names are still individuals for tax purposes.

Factors which determine that an individual is a self-employed contractor would include some of the following (this is not comprehensive and in any case of doubt please contact the purchasing staff)

  • Bear the risk/responsibility for any faulty or sub-standard work.
  • Has the opportunity to profit from effective scheduling and performance of the engagement or task.
  • Has control over when and how the work is completed.
  • Is free to engage other people to do the work which has been agreed to be undertaken.
  • Can provide similar services to more than one person or business at the same time.
  • Provides the materials for the job and their own equipment or machinery necessary to complete the work.
  • Agrees a fixed price for the job.
  • Provides their own insurance.