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Purchase Requisitions

Click on Procurement

Under Requisitions click on Enquiries

Workflow enquiry – Requisitions

Click Search  - this will bring up a full list of all requisitions

Any requisition not fully approved and still in workflow will be near the top.

The Task Owner is the person who the requisition is currently with for approval

If you click on workflow in progress – this will bring up the workflow map.

Click on Requisitions Standard

Click on Open down at the bottom.

Click Search on the value lookup box that appears. This will show you a list of all requisitions still in workflow.

Click on the relevant PR and this will open it up.

Click on the tick icon at the top of the page. Select the PR that is a waiting for your action. Click on the yellow triangle on the Requisition Details line. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to Workflow Log. There will be a message entered by the person who rejected it giving details of action required. Amend and submit.

You can call up an existing open or closed requisition and select Copy Requisition to make a copy of it. Open the Relevant Requisition and select Copy Requisition at the bottom of the page. The will remove the old requisition number and allow you to make changes before clicking submit to gain a New Requisition number.  To look up an old Requisition use the Workflow Enquiry Requisitions menu.