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Ensure that you GRN on-line on Agresso or contact Goods Inwards/Accounts Payable for more information.

Check with Accounts Payable quoting the Purchase Order No. or check the Purchase Order and commitment status on Agresso against your Cost Centre

The University does not operate a Cash-on-Delivery facility

Indicate on purchase requisition that Payment is with Order. After PO has been issued to Supplier, obtain a Pro-Forma Invoice from them; get it approved by the Cost Centre Manager for payment in advance; get PO GRN'ed on-line on Agresso; and forward Pro-Forma Invoice to Accounts Payable quoting the Purchase Order No. Accounts Payable will arrange payment.

See above - except 1st sentence.

Note: It is not recommended that payments in advance be made for large sums; it is best to negotiate terms with the Supplier. Contact the Procurement Officer(s) for assistance if required.