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Utilities & Concessions

Utilities are supported by the OGP contracts.  Contracts detailed here are in effect for all campus users and must be adhered to.  Concessions are ran by UL Procurement on behalf of the University.  For other individual queries please consult with UL Procurement.

Electricity & Gas

  • Electricity and Gas tendered by OGP.
  • B&E Contract Managers
  • Multiple providers and contract expiry dates due to a number of different lots
  • Catering Services Concession
  • Current Provider:  Aramark Food Services Ltd.
  • Contract Expiry: 31.07.2022 with an optional  2 x 12 month extension periods
  • Banking Concession
  • Current Provider:  Bank of Ireland (BOI)
  • Contract Expiry: 31.07.2022