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Professional & Business Services

These Commodities are supported by the OGP.  Contracts detailed here are in effect for all campus users and must be adhered to.  For other individual queries please consult with UL Procurement.

University Sector Legal Services Framework (ran by OGP), UL Ref: UL0553

Start date: 12.07.2019

Expiry: 11.07.2021 with a further 2 x 12 months extension so possible 11.07.2023

The Corporate Sectretarie's Office is responsible for the management of this commodity.

8 Lots:

Lot 1: Commerical, Corporate & Information

Lot 2: Estates Management & Capital Development

Lot 3: Employment

Lot 4: Intellectual Property

Lot 5: Procurement & Competition

Lot 6: University Affairs

Lot 7: Research Services

Lot 8: Multi-disclipinary Services

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Internal Accounting Audit & Financial Services

  • Current Provider: Deloitte
  • Contract Expiry:  12.01.2021

External Auditors & Taxation Services

  • Current Provider:  PwC Ltd.
  • Contract Expiry:   29.09.2020