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Marketing, Print & Stationary

These commodities are supported by OGP Frameworks.  Contracts detailed here for Stationary & Print are established contracts for all campus users which must be adhered to. Please contact Procurement in UL with regards to individual requirements for Marketing where the OGP have a number of different frameworks to cover the various Marketing areas.

Multi supplier Framework (UL Ref: UL0429) for the provision of General Printing Services up to and including €2k (ex-Vat). Contract Expiry 19.11.2021 (includes 3 x 1 year extensions).

Click here for draw down process for Framework

  1. Troy Marketing (Preferred Supplier)
  2. Cube Printing
  3. GPS Colour Graphics Ltd

For General Printing Services greater than €2k and up to €25K, a multi supplier framework is expected to be completed by end Q1, 2018.

Until advised otherwise, 3 quotes should be obtained from the existing suppliers on Agresso

For individual procurements of general print services over €25K, a mini competition should be run via the Office Government Procurement (OGP).

Please contact UL’s procurement office in relation to same.   Note: the OGP requires a minimum of three (3) months’ notice to run a mini competition.