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Marketing, Print & Stationary

These commodities are supported by OGP Frameworks.  Contracts detailed here for Stationary & Print are established contracts for all campus users which must be adhered to. Please contact Procurement in UL with regards to individual requirements for Marketing where the OGP have a number of different frameworks to cover the various Marketing areas.

Multi supplier Framework (UL Ref: UL0429) for the provision of General Printing Services up to and including €2k (ex-Vat). Contract Expiry 19.11.2021 (includes 3 x 1 year extensions).

Click here for draw down process for Framework

  1. Troy Marketing (Preferred Supplier)
  2. Cube Printing
  3. GPS Colour Graphics Ltd

Multi Supplier Framework (UL Ref:UL0588) for the provision of General Printing Services  between €2k and up to €24,999K(Ex-Vat). Contract Expiry 30.06.2022 (includes 2 x 1 year extensions).

There are five suppliers on the framework:

The drawdown from the framework is straightforward.  A RFQ (Request for Quotation) must be issued to all five print companies and the company meeting the requirements and offering best value for money should be selected. You can run an RFQ for one job, multiple jobs or annual requirements if cumulatively the value is under €25K

For individual procurements of general print services over €25K, a mini competition should be run via the Office Government Procurement (OGP).

Please contact UL’s procurement office in relation to same.   Note: the OGP requires a minimum of three (3) months’ notice to run a mini competition.