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Financial Online Services

Staff Email: Financial Systems

The Finance Department endeavours to provide as many services online as possible to our customer base.

Once you are a registered user the key financial services that are accessible online are:

  • Student Fees Management System
  • Staff Payroll system
  • Staff Expense Payments, Supplier Payments, Budget Management
  • Purchasing ordering and Good Receipting system
  • Online Sales Invoicing Service
  • Online Financial Reports

Contact our Agresso Helpdesk for assistance or to arrange training at Ext: (061-21) 3599

Accessing Agresso Remotely

If you are accessing Agresso from outside the UL network you must first setup your PC to allow you through the University's security firewall. Follow the instructions on the Information Technology Divisions (ITD) webpage at: ITD Help document.

To access our online financial services please click on the required link under the Access to Systems menu on the right hand side of this screen.

All Finance Service related Forms, Documents, Policies, Statements etc. can be found on the right hand side of this screen under Quicklinks.