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Vetting for International Students

The University of Limerick offers a number of undergraduate and taught postgraduate educational and training programmes that require students to undertake placements, with external agencies, which will bring them into contact with the public and assume positions of trust. To ensure the protection of the public, and justify public trust and confidence, the University is committed to ensuring that only suitable candidates are allowed to undertake these programmes.

If the programme you have applied for is one with a placement which may involve "relevant word or activities" relating to children or vulnerable adults, the University of Limerick requires that you are Vetted.  This vetting process involves your applying to be vetted by the Irish National Vetting Bureau (forms supplied by UL Admissions) as well as your suppling Police Clearance Certification for all International addresses that you have lived at for longer than 6 months once you were over the age of 16 years. If you have lived in more than one country, you are required to submit a Police Clearance Certificate for each country you have lived in. Some contacts are listed in the Useful Links page, or else contact the Embassy/Police for the respective Country for details how to do this. Please ensure that you apply for this certification as soon as possible and certainly before your departure to Ireland, as it is more difficult to obtain when you are out of the country. 

International Police Clearance Certification should check for criminality and to clear you to participate in "relevant work or activities" on placements with children and vulnerable adults. Full details of any convictions or criminal prosecution (past or pending)  must be included. It is imperative that no false information is furnished. Failure to do so may result in you not being allowed to undertake your practice placement.

International students may also be required to sign a Sworn Affidavit as part of the Student Vetting process.

Applications from Northern Ireland will be checked by the PSNI, however you must include a Postal Code on your application form or it will not be processed. (More details on Useful Links Page).

Please submit all required documents as instructed in the International Student Vetting Cover Letter you will have received.

Your registration remains provisional until the Student Vetting process is complete.