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Make a complaint?

Ideally, complaints should be made expressly to the Office of the President of the University. A complainant will be asked to provide sufficient information to enable the Advocate to undertake an investigation. In particular, the information should contain the following:

  1. Identity of the student who is being complained.
    • Although a student ID number is ideal, identification can be made using simply the individual's name or other identifying information.
    • If you are unsure of the identity of the student, it may still be possible to ascertain their identity through a variety of mechanisms, but the more information you can supply the easier this will be.
  2. Brief description of the event/action in question.
    • You do not need to identify what part of the Code has been breached but the description should be sufficient to enable the Advocate to conduct a reasonable investigation.
    • You should clearly indicate time, date, location, other witnesses etc which will assist the Advocate in his investigations.
  3. Your name, address and contact number.

Armed with this information, there are a number of ways to make a complaint

  • Call: Jackie O'Shaughnessy on 061-202007
  • Write: Jackie O'Shaughnessy, Office of the President, Plassey House, University of Limerick, Limerick
  • Email:
  • Submit an official complaint by completing the relevant form below
  • You may be asked to complete this form even if you have made the complaint on the telephone or by email. The form often allows the Advocate to obtain focussed information necessary for the investigation.

Once a complaint has been made, it will be assessed by the Advocate and dealt with as deemed appropriate.
The complainant will be notified once the case is closed.

Internal Complaint Form

External Complaint Form