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Associate Vice President Academic Affairs and Student Engagement (Acting)

Dr Ross Anderson is the Associate Vice President AA & SE (Acting) at the University of Limerick and a member of Academic Council. He chairs the Academic Regulations Committee and is a member of the Academic Programme Review Committee. He also has overall responsibility for the External Examiner, Garda Vetting, and Fitness to Practise systems at the University.

Dr Anderson has a PhD in Electronic and Computer Engineering and Biomechanics (UL 02), a MSc in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (Aberdeen 97), and a BSc (1st) in Applied Physics (RGU 95).  Dr Anderson is the former Assistant Dean (Academic Affairs) for the Faculty of Education & Health Sciences in UL and a Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics in the Physical Education and Sport Sciences Department.  Dr Anderson was also co-founder and co-director of the Biomechanics Research Unit at the University.

Dr Anderson’s research focus is grounded in the measurement of human movement in both clinical and sporting environs using multiple methods including IMU sensors, 3D motion tracking, and force plates.  As a multifaceted theme this incorporates sensor design, assessment of movement characteristics focussed around variability, designing effective movement related feedback modes and the underpinning technology (both software and hardware) and evaluation and creation of alternative methods for processing massive data sets (>109 data points).  More recent research has explored the use of large publically accessible online databases; involving web-scraping techniques to download massive data sets and subsequently reformatting and recoding these typically disordered data into workable data sets.