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The Committee was established in July 1999 by the President, Dr. Roger Downer. The President had been approached by three student members of the UL Environmental Society – Nancy L. Serrano, Margaret Phelan and Julia Frischeisen-Koehler. They had raised with him the possibility of establishing a university wide committee, with a broader remit than the student society could hope to address. The Committee would like to acknowledge the debt owed to these three committed environmentalists. Nancy served as the first secretary on the Committee and continues as an active member today.

Terms of Reference
(Agreed by Committee and affirmed by the president at meeting 21.7.1999)

  1. To advise the President on environmental issues as they affect the University of Limerick
  2. To propose policy – and its implementation – on environmental issues for adoption by the University
  3. To contribute to increasing environmental awareness among the Campus Community.
  4. To evaluate the implementation of the University’s environmental policies


The UL Apiary Project and UL Environmental Committee  are pleased...

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