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Conceptualisation of Emotions

The research cluster is unique for being an interdisciplinary research cluster, with academics from every faculty at the University of Limerick engaged in the group. By bringing together academics from different disciplines and with divergent areas of expertise but a common interest in the emotions, this cluster encourages collaboration on every level. The cluster aims to encourage long-term interdisciplinary research in this area and is committed to supporting such research.

Conceptualisation of Emotions Study

An example of the research being undertaken by the group is a study by Dr Eimear Spain (School of Law) and Dr Timothy D. Ritchie (Department of Psychology) of people's understanding of, and beliefs about, emotions, and attitudes towards the expression of feelings, in general. The aim of the research is to gain insight into some of the obvious and subtle ways in which people form and maintain their beliefs about human emotions.

If you are interested in participating in this study please click on the "Conceptualisations Study" tab on the main menu for more details.