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Conference Panels

Panel 1: The Emotions of Othering

Room: ERB-006
Dr Aileen Dillane, Dr Martin Power, and Dr Eoin Devereux, "An Emotional Air-Raid? Morrissey and Class Disgust: The Case of the 'Slum Mums'"
Dr Wijnand AP van Tilburg and Dr Eric R Igou, "In Pursuit of Purpose: Bordeom Polarizes Attitudes Towards In- and Outgroups"
Jennifer Schweppe, "Defining Characteristics and Politicising Emotions: Who is the Victim in Hate Crimes Legislation?"


Panel 2: Manipulating and Creating Emotions

Room: ERB- 007
Dr Robin Mackenzie, "Enhancing Emotion Regulation to Mandate the Moral Feeling Brain: Should we use Oxytocin to Eradicate Callous Unemotional Traits in Children Diagnosed with CUCD"
Dr Brian Mac Namee, Dr John D Kelleher, and Dr Sarah Jane Delany, "Computing Emotions"
Dr John Stannard, "Penal Heat"


Panel 3: Managing Emotions

Room: ERB- 008
Dr Judi Pettigrew "Managing Emotions During Nepal's Civil War (1996-2006) Drawing on Indigenous Models of Personhood"
Dr Thomas Waldman, "Conditioned Emotional Responses in Decision Making"
Prof. Åsa Wettergren, "Protecting and Repairing the Self. Forced Migrants' Emotion Work"

Panel 4: Regulating Hate
Room: ERB-008
James Carr and Dr Amanda Haynes, "Where is the 'Hate'? Challenging the Recording Practices of Anti-Muslim Racism in Ireland"
Prof. Barbara Perry (abstract to follow)
Marian Tannam, "Diverse Emotions: Concepts and Models of Intercultural and Anti-Racism Training"


Panel 5: Responding to Emotions
Room: ERB- 006
Dr Stina Bergman Blix, "Professionalization of the Experience and Expression of Emotion: Theoretical Implications from a Study on Stage Actors"
Rosemary Joan Gowran, "Navigating Emotional Responses in the Interest of Activating Policy as Provision not Paperwork for People who use Wheelchairs"
Prof. Mayumi Karasawa, "Emotion Regulation Across Three Cultures"

Panel 6: Emotions in the workplace
Room: ERB-008
Lucy Hearne, "Professional Resilience for Career Guidance Practitioners: Emotional Regulation and Self-Care"
Dr Roisin Corcoran, "Development of a Measure of Emotion Regulation in the Context of Teaching: Reasons and Methodological Challenges."
Dr Deirdre O'Shea and Dr Finian Buckley, "Motivating Entrepreneurs: The Role of Emotion Regulation and Coping"


Panel 7: Law and the Regulation of Emotions
Room: ERB-006
Magdalena Duggan, "Emotions and the Law of Tort. Damages for Non-Pecuniary Loss from a Comparative Perspective: Theoretical Framework and its Practical Application"
Prof. Ana Carolina de Faria Silvestr, "The Reality of Emotions in Law"
Una Woods, "Sympathy and Antipathy for the Owner - How these Emotions Have Influenced the Literature on the Law Governing Adverse Possession"

Panel 8: Music and Emotions
Room: ERB- 008
Annemiek van den Tol & Prof. Jane Edwards "A Self-Regulatory Perspective on Choosing 'Sad' Music to Enhance Mood"
Prof. Maurita Murphy Mead, "Brazilian 'Choro' Music: An Emotional Journey Through Brazilian History"
Dr Ian O'Keeffe, "A Mechanism for Facilitating Emotional Regulation through Music"


Panel 9: Emotions, Morality and the Brain
Room: ERB-006
Prof. Billy O'Connor, Topic: Recent Developments in Neuroscience and implications for Interdisciplinary Research
Anna Pacholczyk, "Manipulating Morals? Moral Enhancement via Direct Emotion Modulation in the Context of Emotion Regulation Research"
Dr Eimear Spain, "Love in Life and Death"