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Social Events

Welcome Reception, Wednesday, June 29th.
Delegates will gather for drinks and conversation in the Atrium, in the university's Foundation Building.

BBQ & Céilí, Thursday, June 30th.
Delegates registered for this event will meet in the Stables Club for a dinner and a céilí called by the famous traditional Irish music group, Planxty O'Rourke. If you did not sign up for this event when registering, a limited number of tickets at €28 will be available at the registration desk.

Optional Excursion, Friday, July 1st.
Delegates are invited to make their own way down to Dolan's Pub on the Dock Road for a Friday Traditional Music Session, commencing at 9.30pm. Delegates can pick up taxis on campus and a taxi rank sits just outside Dolan's Warehouse, ready to whisk you back to your room or further into town, whatever your pleasure. (As with any city, it is advised that delegates do not wander off alone when walking through town late in the evening.)

List of Pubs and Restaurants

Link to city bus schedule

Links if thinking of a weekend break: