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Many universities provide services that focus on assisting students who experience academic difficulties. At UL we are broadening the range of services and in addition to the usual supports we have developed a programme that concentrates on social and other life skill difficulties. The ULEAD programme aims to address the requirements of students who are experiencing challenges socially, functionally and educationally.

ULEAD is an acronym for "yoU Learn Engage Aspire Develop." The programme is designed to facilitate the transition from the second level education environment to its third level equivalent. The key objective is to give students an opportunity to develop practical and functional skills which will enable them to participate fully in their third level educational experience.

ULEAD is a student-centred programme. Group sessions are run to help the student gain important college skills these sessions deal with subjects like; study skill, academic writing, note taking, using the library etc.  Each student is provided with a tailored set of supports to suit their requirements, including on-going sessions with the Student Support Officer and a mentor.

While ULEAD can support students with a variety of requirements it is our experience that it is particularly beneficial to students who may want to develop their organisation and time management skills, their goal setting, motivation, social skills etc.

Engaging with the ULEAD programme

ULEAD is available to University of Limerick students who are registered with disability services. Registration and participation is a straightforward process. Disability Support Services undertakes a needs assessment and will support the student to develop an individual plan and practical support strategies.

The programme's focus on individual student needs pervades all aspects of its operation. Supports are guided by the student with the aim of developing organisational and social skills, goal setting and achievement abilities, and nurturing the student's personal development. The ULEAD program is really beneficial to students as it can provide support with academic work, social and personal development.

How can I avail of the ULEAD Programme?

Participants must register with Disability Services and registered students are guided through the programme by the designated staff.