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Student Checklist

  • If you need help with any of the below tasks please contact a member of staff from Disability Support Services. We can only assist you if you inform us of a problem.
  • Register for modules by clicking here If you do not register for your modules by the end of week one you will be fined 200 euro.
  • Log on to a campus computer and activate your student email. Check your emails first thing every morning. All information which is disseminated throughout the university is done so through email. 
  • Print student timetable from here
  • Locate lecture halls and classrooms relevant to you. Campus maps and videos outlining the room numbering system in UL are available here
  • Disability Support Services will provide you with print credit at the beginning of the semester in order for us to do so you must activate your print account by printing one page on campus.
  • Attend all classes/labs/tutorials
  • Become familiar with sulis/module or whatever resource the lecturer is using to provide notes to the class. Sulis is available here. Moodle is available here.
  • Print or save course outlines. Course outlines are given out by each lecturer at the beginning of each semester. They outline important information for the module. Learning goals and expectations will be outlined in this document as well as course assessments. All contact details for the lecturer will be included here as well as the lecturer’s office hours. This is a vital document.
  • Familiarise yourself with who your academic advisor is. Your academic advisor can help you with any academic issues you may have and their contact details can be found through the student portal.
  • Become familiar with the library and the library website. Attend a tour and learn how to use the electronic catalogue.
  • Learn how to type. A typing program is provided by Disability Support Services and is available here. Typing is one of the key skills needed by first year students.
  • If you need a locker contact Student Academic Administration the details and forms are available from the SAA office.