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End of Semester Examinations


After you register with the service, you will be invited for a Needs Assessment.  DSS assess students’ needs for reasonable accommodations in their examinations during the needs assessment.  DSS liaise with Student Registry to facilitate reasonable accommodations in end of semester exams for Students with Disability.

Here are the steps to ensure correct end of semester exam accommodations are in place for you.

Confirm your module registration in Week 1 on the student portal as required by the University

Your accommodations are confirmed at your Needs Assessment

A LENS (Learning Educational Needs summary) will be issued outlining these accommodations.

On Monday, Week 2, DSS will download your data from SI. DSS cannot issue a LENS (Learning Educational Needs Summary) or put any type of support in place (including exams) if you do not confirm your registration in Week 1.

A LENS (Learning Educational Needs Summary) will be emailed to relevant staff (academic and administration) and to you by Friday Week 2 of each semester except the Autumn Semester, of your first year.  It is extremely important that you check all the information on the LENS including module code and name, lecturer, semester and exam accommodations.  

If there are any errors or changes to module registration in your LENS you must email immediately with relevant corrections. An updated LENS will be issued which you must check to ensure the relevant changes are made.  This is the information that will be used for your end of semester exam accommodations, so it is vital that it is correct.   No amendments will be made after Week 5.  The onus is on you to check that all information relating to your exams is correct.

A specific disability related exam notification will be emailed from to you and relevant faculty by Friday of week 10.  You must check that modules dates, time are correct and notify me immediately if they are not.  

For any further information phone on 061-213478 or email


In Course Assessments
For in-class assessments or examinations not organised via Student Registry, students should contact the lecturer concerned to apply the reasonable accommodations.