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Research Masters Position Vacancy

Development of a bio-sensing platform targeting neurological dysfunctions

The Circuits and Systems Research Centre ( within the Dept. of Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of Limerick, has a 2-year funded vacancy for a Masters of Engineering researcher. The CSRC is a leading centre for electronic circuits and systems research with activities in data conversion, power management and signal processing. The team is involved in a number of projects collaborating with partners to develop innovative solutions in a variety of applications areas.


Project area:

The aim of this project is to build an electronic bio sensing platform to decode brain signals from EEG and correlate with other sensors measurements such as BP, Glucose and Blood Flow. Areas of particular interest include de-noising of biomedical signals to limit the effects of interference and degradation during signal acquisition as well as prediction and assessment of injury extent. The project aims to establish practical performance bounds for these type of devices, with respect to the signal and noise levels, number and arrangement of electrodes and the amount of signal processing required.


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