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UL Innovation Awards (2018)

​​​The CSRC team of Vincent O'Brien, Brendan Mullane and Tony Scanlan received their US Patent Awards at the University of Limerick 2018 Innovation Awards on the 16th April 2018. The awards were presented to the recipients by Professor Des Fitzgerald, UL President, and Dr. Mary Shire, UL VPR.


UL Innovation Awards 2018

US Patent Details:

United States Patent No. 9,762,258

Title: 'Mismatch and Inter Symbol Interference (ISI) Shaping using Dynamic Element Matching'

Inventors: Dr. Vincent O’Brien, Dr. Brendan Mullane and Dr. Tony Scanlan.


The invention is to do with mismatch and ISI shaping in a data converter. The invention provides a dynamic element matching technique that incorporates both mismatch and intersymbol shaping. A digital decoder is provided that controls the number of ‘on’ and ‘off’ transitions so that the resulting signal does not contain noise or distortion. The element selection technique of the invention is suitable for high resolution multi-bit continuous time oversampling data converters.