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Prof. David A. Johns Mixed-Signal IC Design Course (2019)

A 2-day short-course on “Mixed Signal IC Design” by Prof. David A. Johns (University of Toronto) was hosted by the Circuits and Systems Research Centre (CSRC), Dept. of Eletcronic and Computer Engineering here at the University of Limerick on the 24th & 25th June 2019.


Prof. John's Mixed-signal IC Design Course

The course instructor, Prof. David A. Johns, is a world-renowned distinguished lecturer, and co-author of the book Analog Integrated Circuit Design. The course content this year was focused on Amplifiers + Switched capacitors circuit design with a special focus on Oversampled Data Converters and incremental ADCs. There was also two after-lunch guest lectures on state-of-the-art topics: “Real world AI applications” and “Computation for Deep Learning”.

The two day seminar series attracted over 80 delegates from Europe, from countries such as Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland, England and Ireland.