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Mixed Signal IC Research Group

Welcome to the Mixed Signal IC Research Team

The Mixed Signal IC Research team (MSIC) is a component of the Circuit and Systems Research Centre (CSRC) at the University of Limerick. Most of the research is focused on the design and implementation of integrated solutions, varying from data conversion and sensor acquisition systems to complete System-On-Chip (SoC) designs for automotive, medical and sensor networking applications. The team also has knowledge of processor systems including CPU and DSP design and more recent in the areas of Digital and Analog/Mixed-signal design for test and debug know-how.

The research team is also strongly linked to the Microelectronics Circuit Centre Ireland research theme that is data conversion with a number of projects already underway that are low-voltage ADC and DAC designs on 90nm and 65nm CMOS processes. The focus will be on low-voltage low-power data converter architectures combining calibration and signal processing techniques for ADC & DAC error correction.


The Mixed Signal IC Design team has grown its mixed signal ASIC development capability over the last 10+ years, with the addition of experienced staff researchers & postgraduate students. The MSIC team has extensive knowledge of IC design flows and methodology and also has access to a wide variety of leading edge IC processes and EDA tools via the Europractice scheme.

Currently, the focus of the MSIC team is:

  • Low Voltage Data Converters
  • Extending performance using Digital Assisted Analog Circuits enabling new Calibration and Compensation Techniques
  • Analog/Mixed-Signal Data Converter Built-in-Self-Test and Repair
  • Design for Test for Digital & Mixed-Signal SoC Circuits and board electronics
  • Signal Processing
  • Sub-micron Circuit Cesign for Low Voltage Transponder IC and Analog Signal Processing up to and including RF
  • High Voltage / Mixed Signal Processes for use in Automotive and Consumer Applications
  • Development of Tools to automate the process of Designing Analog Circuits, with a particular focus on ADCs and Associated Circuit Blocks
  • Design of Complex Digital Circuits: incorporating CPU, Memory and multiple peripheral functions including Controller Modules for Embedded/Control Networks