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Intelligent Power Management & Digital Control Research Group

Welcome to the Intelligent Power Management & Digital Control Research Team

The Intelligent Power Management & Digital Control Research team (IPMAC) is a component of the Circuit and Systems Research Centre (CSRC) at the University of Limerick. The research is focused on intelligent & efficient power management solutions for low-power switch mode power supplies (SMPS). These SMPS are commonly used as driver ICs for a wide range of electronic applications. Examples include smart LED lighting solutions, smart phones, tablets, servers, PCs and laptops.

With digital control more sophisticated algorithms can be implemented at the same or lower cost when compared to traditional analog control approaches. Also digital circuitry allows for more intelligent algorithms to be implemented that would be very difficult if not impossible to implement using analog circuitry. Coupled with the development of digital control solutions, development of optimised digital cores are essential to enable intelligent digital control algorithms to be implemented cost effectively on-chip achieving efficient reliable performance. 


The Intelligent Power Management & Digital Control Research team Design team has grown its power management capability over the last 10+ years, with the addition of experienced staff researchers & postgraduate students.

Currently, the focus of the IPMAC team is:

  • Intelligent Digital Control of Low Voltage Switch Mode Power Supplies
  • Nonlinear and linearized System Modelling (mathematical, bit-true, cycle-true)
  • Robust, Predictive & Adaptive Digital Control solutions for Real Engineering Applications
  • Optimized Digital Core Design & Implementation
  • Smart LED Lighting Applications