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Dr. Hooman Reyhani Bio

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Dr. Hooman Reyhani

Hooman Reyhani graduated with a B.Eng. (1st Class Hons) in Electronic Engineering from the University of Limerick in 1989. He completed his M.Eng. and Ph.D. at the University of Limerick in 1998 and 2001 respectively. He joined Analog Devices, Limerick, Ireland in 1989 as a Design Engineer and was involved in the design and development of several high-speed mixed-signal IC's, A/D and D/A converters, primarily for the Disk Drive and Telecommunication applications. In 1996 he joined Parthus Technologies, Limerick, Ireland, as a Principal Engineer. From 2001 onwards he has been working as an analog design consultant for companies in Ireland, UK, Holland & Spain. Since 2014 he joined CSRC as a visiting research consultant for his expertise in high-performance data converter design.

Dr. Reyhani has authored and co-authored several publications in international journals and conference proceedings. He also holds two U.S. patents in the area of high-speed A/D converters.



Ph.D. Thesis, "3V, 100mW, 6-bit 320MSPS ADC in 0.5um CMOS Technology", University of Limerick, 2001.

M.Eng. Research Thesis, " High-Speed Data Converters", University of Limerick, 1998.

B.Eng. (1st Hons.), Electronic Engineering, University of Limerick, 1989.


Industrial Experience

2014-Present: Visiting Research Consultant at the University of Limerick.

2001-Present: Analog Design Consultant.

1996-2001: Principal Engineer, Parthus Technologies, Limerick, Ireland.

1989-1996: Design Engineer, Analog Devices, Limerick, Ireland.


Professional Membership

Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (MIEEE).

Member of LinkedIn (


Core Competencies and Research Interests

Analog/Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design.

Energy-Efficient Data Converter (ADCs & DACs) Topologies and Techniques.

Industry-Relevant Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Training Courses.



1986 Cork Chamber of Commerce Award for the Best Overall Graduate in Cork I.T., Cork, Ireland.

1986 Cork Scientific Council Gold Medal for the Best Engineering Graduate in Cork I.T., Cork, Ireland.

1986 Western Digital Award for Best Graduate in the N.C.E.A. in Electronics in Cork I.T., Cork, Ireland.



Reyhani H., Horan J. and Ryan J.G. (2002). “Look-Ahead Bubble Suppression Scheme and Circuitry”, US Patent, US 6396424 B1, 28 May 2002.

Reyhani H. (1997). “Half-Gray Digital Encoding Method and Circuitry”, US Patent, US 5633636 A, 27 May 1997.



Flynn M.P, Twohig M., Byrne R., Reyhani H. and Ryan J. (1999). “A BiCMOS Preamplifier/Write-driver IC for Tape-Drive”, IEEE Proc. of Custom Integrated Circuits (CICC), May 1999.

Dalton D., Spalding G., Reyhani H., Murphy T., Deevy K., Walsh M. and Griffin P. (1998). "A 200-MSPS 6-bit flash ADC in 0.6um CMOS", IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II, (TCASII), Vol. 45(11), pp. 1443-1444, Nov 1998.

Reyhani H. and Quinlan P. (1994). “A 5V, 6-bit, 80MSPS BiCMOS Flash ADC”, IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits (JSSC), Vol. 29(8), pp. 873-878, Aug 1994.

Reyhani H. and Quinlan P. (1993). “A 5V, 6-bit, 80MSPS BiCMOS Flash ADC”, IEEE Proc. of European Solid-State Circuits Conference (ESSCIRC '93), pp. 17-20, Sep 1993.