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About MSIC


Key Competencies include:

  • Research, design and implementation of architectures and building blocks (IP) for SoC
  • ADC/DAC design, modelling and characterization
  • CPU & DSP
  • Low power circuit technologies
  • Digital assisted analogue circuits and calibration
  • On chip test/development instrumentation and interfaces
  • Hardware and software design, with focus on embedded systems
  • Expertise in use of industry-standard ASIC and FPGA design tools
  • Prototype development


In line with the Centre's goals, the MSIC team aim to develop the fundamental knowledge base and design structures necessary to achieve excellence in VLSI research and design:

  • To train the next generation of chip designers in SoC Design
  • To carry out research activities focused on mixed-signal and SoC design, debug, verification and test
  • Teaming graduate students, faculty and industrial liaisons through research
  • Conducting research on design and feasibility of various systems, including the development of new design concepts
  • Accelerating technology transfer with industry
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of best practices among industrial partnerships
  • To be a national centre of excellence in IC design