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Key Competencies include:

  • Accurate System Modelling (nonlinear, linearized continuous-time and discrete-time models)
  • Robust, Predictive & Adaptive Digital Control
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies (single-rail, multi-rail, multi-phase)
  • Optimised Digital Core Design & Implementation
  • Low Power Circuit Technologies
  • Smart LED Lighting Applications
  • Prototype development (PCB, FPGA)
  • Simulation platforms: Matlab, Simulink, PSIM, LTspice and PLECS
  • Programme Languages: C, Python and Verilog
  • Other Software Expertise: AutoDesk Eagle PCB Design Software and SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD


In line with the overall Centre’s goals, the IPMAC team aim to develop the fundamental knowledge base and design structures necessary to achieve excellence in Power Management & Digital Control research and design:

  • To carry out research activities focused on power management design and implementation
  • To train & output top-class M.Eng & Ph.D. postgraduates in the area of power management
  • Teaming graduate students, faculty and industrial liaisons through research
  • Accelerating technology transfer to industry
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of best practices among industrial partnerships
  • To be a national centre of excellence in power management & IC design