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Recovery of the ROV Holland 1 to the deck of the Celtic Explorer during CE10010 survey

Ocean Tech

CE10010 Offshore Survey took place in April 2010 whereby Dr Daniel Toal (CPI Executive Member) led a team of 12 research engineers and scientists from Ireland, Canada, Germany, Pakistan, India, Croatia and Spain.

The ROV had a payload including high resolution imaging (multibeam and sidescan) sonar and precision navigation systems from MMRRC at UL. Dan and his team spent eight days at sea for system integration, and trials on this shake down survey. UL high resolution imaging sonar, precision navigation systems and top side augmented reality survey support tools were integrated and trialled on the National ROV Holland 1 in advance of a science led survey of Cold Water Coral Habitat at the edge of the Porcupine and Rockall Banks.