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EGP (Environment Graduate Programme for Ireland)

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EGP (Environment Graduate Programme for Ireland), University of Limerick 26-28th May 2010

The Environment Graduate Summer School will be held at the CSIS Building, University of Limerick from May 26th to 28th 2010. Please click here for a programme of events, directions and map of campus.


The Charles Parsons Initiative:

The implications of the growing energy crisis and dwindling fossil fuel reserves have been recognised by the University of Limerick with the establishment of the Charles Parsons Initiative on Energy and Sustainable Environment (CPI) to tackle issues of immediate national priority in energy and sustainable environment. The Charles Parsons Initiative, Ireland's largest research organisation in this area was officially launched on the 26th of May at the University of Limerick, the launch was addressed by Minister Eamon Ryan- Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, President of the University of Limerick Prof. Don Barry and Lord Oxburgh of Liverpool- ex-Chair man of Shell and Chair man of D1 Oils as well as world renowned experts in the fields of biomass, wind, biofuels, ocean energy and energy storage. Please click on the news pages for further details.

The University of Limerick UL Links Magazine featured an article in the Spring 2009 edition on the Charles Parsons Initiative "The Energy to Succeed- UL's Charles Parsons Initiative" "The University has recognised that climate change, energy effeciency and the sustainable environment are real challenges today and will continue to be so tomorrow. UL's answer to this potential crisis? The establishment of the Charles Parsons Initiative".  CPI tackle issues of immediate national priority in energy and sustainable development as set out inthe Departent of Enterprise, Trade and Employment's Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation 2006-2013"

CPI represents a merger of six research centres, 30 faculty and 60 researchers at UL, focussed on researching environment and sustainable forms of energy across the areas of electrochemistry, physics, electronic, mechanical and aeronautical engineering, computer science, maths & statistics and accounting & finance. CPI faculty includes the current President of the Electrochemical Society, Professor Noel Buckley and the architect of the European Hydrogen Strategy (SET Plan) Professor Julian Ross.

Launch of Shannon Energy Valley

The announcement, today, that Shannon Region is to become a Major Green Energy Hub with launch of Shannon Energy Valley initiative was welcomed by the director of CPI. Prof Leahy commented that: "Recent research competitions (especially PRTLI 5) have forced the universities to nominate their strategic priorities for research. The complementarity and proximity led to the signing a strategic alliance between of UL and NUIG in the last couple of weeks. Again Energy was named as one of the top three strategic priorities for the joint initiative. I believe these are seminal developments. Financial services, ITC, Biomed, Sensors, Marine, Pharmaceuticals, Materials, Food, Biosciences and medicine have all had clearly defined homes.

We are very happy with the alliance with NUIG and the matching of Materials and Energy together at UL are also a very nice fit. I believe this also simplifies things for the agencies in that it demonstrates that institutions are willing to commit to a small (credible) number of priorities in order to provide a focus for certain activities".

Topical Journal Publications

Connolly D, MacLaughlin S, Leahy M., 2009. Development of a computer program to locate potential sites for pumped hydroelectric energy storage. J. Energy, 35 (2010) 375-381.

Connolly D., Lund H., Mathiesen B.V., Leahy M., 2010. Modelling the existing Irish energy-system to identify future energy costs and the maximum wind penetration feasible. J. Energy, 00523R1.

Connolly D., Lund H., Mathiesen B.V., Leahy M., 2010. The first step towards a 100% renewable energy-system for Ireland. J. Applied Energy 87. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.apenergy.2010.03.006