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Launch of Charles Parsons Initiative

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The Charles Parsons Initiative was successfully launched on the 26th of May at the University of Limerick, the launch was addressed by Minister Eamon Ryan- Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, President of the University of Limerick Professor Don Barry and Lord Oxburgh of Liverpool- ex-Chair man of Shell and Chair man of D1 Oils as well as world renowned experts in the fields of biomass, wind, biofuels, ocean energy and energy storage.

Presenations held at the launch included:

Dr. Martin Leahy, Co-Ordinating Director of CPI, University of Limerick. Title: Charles Parsons Initiative- Re-focussing our research strengths on Ireland's Renewable Energy Future

Matthew Kennedy, Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) Title: FP7 " Energy Opportunities"

Dr Daniel Toal & Dr Edin Omerdic Title: Ocean Technology Research and Ocean Systems Modelling

Dr Kevin M Ryan, Stokes Lecturer Chemistry and Nanotechnology, University of Limerick Title: Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy

Prof. Tony Pembroke Title: Algal Energy Biotechnology- Biodiesel from Algae, molecular enhancements for new energy products Algal Energy Biotechnology - Biodiesel from Algae, molecular enhancements for new energy products

Dr JJ Leahy & Dr Witold Kwapinski, University of Limerick Title: Thermochemical conversion/ Biomass Gasification

Dmitri Bulushev & Julian Ross, Chemical and Environmental Science Department, University of Limerick Title: Catalysis for Hudrogen and Transport Fuel Production from Biomass

Dr. Catherine Adley, BioFilm Research Cluster, University of Limerick Title: Microbial Activity in Char

Prof. Toshko Zhelev Title: Energy Conversation, Efficiency and Recovery

Prof Elfed Lewis, Optical Fibre Sensor Research Centre, University of Limerick Title: Exhaust Emissions Monitoring of Road Vehicles using Optical Fibre Sensors

Dr. Brendan Thorne, Aughinish Aluminia Title: Energy Efficiency in an Energy Intensive Industry

Prof Austin Darragh Title: Sir Charles Parsons and the evolution of an energy led economy

Dr. Bernard Murphy, Academic Director- MSc Computational Finance, University of Limerick Title: Energy Markets- Real Time Product Pricing, Trading & Risk-Management

Lord Oxburgh of Liverpool Title: Some Thoughts on Biofuels...

Dr. Ken Macken, Climate Change Unit, EPA Title: Facing Ireland's Challenge in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

John Walsh, Wave Energy Research Team, University of Limerick Title: Wave Energy as an Alternative Energy Source