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CPI Students

  • Orla Madden - Investigation of 1st generation biofuels for diesel engine
  • Deirdre Lynch - Themal oxidation of poultry litter in a closed loop cycle
  • Andrea Bourke -  Carbon Nanotube Electrodes in Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries for the Storage of Wind-Generated Energy
  • John Clifford - An Optical Fibre Sensor For The Measurement Of Hydrocarbon And CO  Emissions In The Exhaust Of Land Vehicles
  • Eanna Cronin - Cost Efficient Method for Enabling Reuse of Personal Computers
  • Steward Hickey- Use Phase Signals to Promote Lifetime Extension for Desktop PCs Funding body: IRCSET and MIcrosoft
  • Gerard Dooley - On-Board Monitoring of Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Using an Ultraviolet Optical Fibre Based Sensor
  • Eamonn- Hawe - A Novel Approach to the Measurement of Exhaust Gas Emissions using Absorption Spectroscopy"
  • James Mulrooney - "Investigation of Optical Fibre Sensors for the detection of Carbon Dioxide Exhaust Emissions from Land Transport Vehicles"
  • Sinead O' Keefe - Spectroscopic Sensing Measurements Using Polymer Optical Fibres for Applications in the Sterilisation Industry"
  • Damien King - "Investigation of Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition Based Techniques for Interrogating Signals From Optical Fibre Sensors"
  • Mary McSherry - "Optical Fibre Sensors for Monitoring Microwave Processing of Materials"
  • William B Lyons - "A Multipoint Optical Fibre Sensor System for Measurement In Water Systems Based On Artificial Neural Network Pattern Recognition"
  • Colin Fitzpatrick - "Optical Fibre Sensors for the On-Line Diagnostics of a Microwave Industrial Free Electron Laser & Associated Microwave Devices"
  • Fenghong Zhang - "A Novel Optical Fibre Sensor Based on Distributed Coupling for Particle Concentration Measurement"
  • John Clifford - A Microcontroller Based System Using Optical Fibre Sensor Inputs for the  Detection of  Vehicular Exhaust Emissions"
  • Kevin Gleeson - An Optical fibre sensor for the detection of Hydrogen gas in industrial process systems"
  • Gero Bramann - "Investigation of Exhaust vehicle emissions using hollow core optical fibres"
  • Matthias Fabian - "New Ring Down Sensor Concept to Acquire Trace Elements"
  • Razali Muela - "Investigation of Optical Fibre Sensors for the Curb Side Detection of Exhaust Gases of Land Transport Vehicles"
  • Hadi Manap - "Investigation of Optical Fibre Sensors for Detection of Ammonia in the Agricultural Sector"
  • Brian Moss - "Measurement of dynamic temperature fluctuations in the exhaust of vehicles by ultrasonic sensing means"
  • Kort Bremer - "An optical fibre sensor for detection of acoustic emissions in the exhaust of car engines and other power units "
  • Michael Knaus - "Evaluating additionality and sustainability of clean development mechanism projects through material flow analysis: the case of regional scale sustainable development"