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Data Protection

These data protection web pages will continue to be updated in order to provide additional guidance and tools needed to comply with the new requirements under the GDPR and the Data Protections Acts 1998-2018. Please check back regularly (

Data Protection legislation governs the privacy of personal data and provides rules on how personal data must be collected, used, stored and deleted in a responsible and secure way.  These rules apply equally to personal data held in electronic and in paper formats.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union Regulation that has been designed to strengthen and unify Data Protection within the EU. It came into effect across the EU from 25 May 2018. In addition the national Data Protection Act 2018 was enacted.

To assist University staff and students to understand and comply with the Acts, the University has a Data Protection Policy.  University of Limerick Data Protection Policy is available to view on University of Limerick Policy Hub

GDPR emphasises transparency, security and accountability for organisations that process  personal data.  While many of the main concepts and principles of GDPR are much the same as those in the Data Protection Acts, GDPR introduces some new elements and enhancements. At the centre of the new law is the requirement for organisations to be fully transparent about how they are using and safeguarding personal data, and to be able to demonstrate accountability for their data processing activities. 

Useful GDPR Guidance and Links


Data Breaches

How to reduce the risk of a Data Breach?

Data Breach Procedure

Data Breach Report Form

Nominated GDPR Data Stewards in your area

The full script of the GDPR may be accessed Here.

Office of the Data Protection Commissioner dedicated information site "GDPR and You".

Further information and advice on University-related Data Protection matters can be obtained from the UL Data Protection Officer.


Phone:  061 20 2887

Extensive information can be found on the Data Protection Commissioner's website or from the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner, Canal House, Station Road, Portarlington, Co. Laois.

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