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Legal Advice - Procedure

  1. A request for legal advice is initiated by way of email request to the University Solicitor –

  2. The email must be titled “Request for Legal Advice”.  This is to ensure that the advice will be protected by legal privilege where appropriate.

  3. The email should specify the following information:

    •  A summary of the issue - attach relevant documentation

    • The timeline required for a response

    • Indicate if legal advice on this issue/ related issue has previously been obtained (and where so, attach a copy).

  4. A response will be provided by email to the individual requesting the legal advice confirming if the legal matter will be dealt with internally or if it requires external legal advice from a firm on the University's external Legal Panel, and the indicative timeframe for a response.

  5. If the matter is referred to an external legal firm, the University Solicitor will be the point of contact. 

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