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Camet Ireland

CAMET (Ireland) - Centre for Advancement of Mathematical Education in Technology

The Centre for Advancement of Mathematical Education in Technology (CAMET ( Ireland )) is committed to mathematics education. The Centre is located in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and is supported administratively and in other ways by that department.
CAMET( Ireland ) evolved out of a long term collaboration with a similar organisation at Loughborough University , UK.

The aim of the Centre is to improve mathematics education at all levels and in the workplace through advanced study, research and scholarship, curriculum development and teacher education. The Centre has developed areas of special expertise and is recognised nationally and internationally for its work in the following areas:

  • Teacher education (Secondary)
  • Mathematics curriculum (Secondary)
  • Adults mathematics education/Numeracy
  • Service mathematics teaching (Higher Education)
  • Mathematics learner support (Higher Education)
  • Teaching and learning mathematics (Secondary/Higher Education).

View the CAMET (Ireland) official website.

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