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Webinar: Supporting bilingual identities through translanguaging pedagogies

Ebru Boynuegri  

Wednesday, 27 April, 16.00, on MS Teams (Click here to join the meeting)




Abstract: Translanguaging is a broad term that includes a variety of multilingual and multimodal practices. Bu using these practices in education, namely using translanguaging pedagogies, practitioners can support knowledge construction, meaning-making, and creativity.  Opportunities provided by translanguaging pedagogies also include their strategic use in order to achieve learning outcomes. Finally, but potentially most importantly, translanguaging pedagogies can open a safe space for learners to negotiate their ethnicities and languages through their interactions both with their teachers and peers. In this safe space, the identities not only of students but also of teachers are empowered and constructed. Given their benefits, ensuring translanguaging pedagogies are integrated into teacher education programs would considerably support teaching. 


BioEbru Boyneugri is a PhD candidate at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and a research assistant at the University of Limerick. She completed her first bachelor’s degree in Business Management in 2003 and her second in English Language Teaching (ELT) in 2014. She obtained two master’s degrees in ELT and Educational Psychology in 2018. While undertaking a Ph.D. programme in ELT, she received an offer of a Postgraduate Research Award from TCD to undertake a doctorate in Arts Teaching. Her experience in arts pedagogy comes from her formal and informal training, research and drama activities she has developed for a variety of projects