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Webinar: Language Testing and Assessment

Dr Chihiro Inoue, University of Bedfordshire

Chihiro Inoue


Thursday, 31st March, 10.00, on MS Teams (Click here to join the webinar)



Abstract: This CALS webinar will cover the following topics: types of language tests; key qualities of language tests; framework for test development and validation & some example research papers; classroom-based language assessment; principles of learning-oriented assessment.

Bio: Dr Chihiro Inoue is Senior Lecturer in Language Assessment at the Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment, University of Bedfordshire, UK. She specialises in the assessment of speaking and listening skills. She has led a number of projects on national and international English tests and on enhancing assessment literacy of English teachers. Chihiro brings to projects and seminars her insights from teaching in secondary and higher education in Japan and a deep understanding of the challenges in English education in EFL countries.