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ISPhD Members

Name: Islam Ben Adel

Thesis title: An Irish-Algerian cross-cultural pragmatic investigation into the realization of and refusal to invitations

Supervisors: Dr Elaine Vaughan, UL, and Prof. Anne Barron, Leuphana University of Lüneburg


Name: Imene Addad

Thesis title: Investigating the Use of Technology in Higher Education in Algeria: EFL Teachers and EFL Students' Perspectives on the Use, the Effectiveness, and the Barriers of Blended learning 

Supervisor: Dr Elaine Riordan


Name:  Lydia Amrani

Thesis title:  Phrasal Complexity in the Academic Writing Practices of University Students: A Comparison of English L1 and L2 Writers

Supervisors:  Dr Catherine Martin and Dr Angela Chambers


Name: Souad Bailich

Thesis title: ICC in Online Milieu: Integrating Social Media for Developing EFL learners’ Intercultural Communicative Competence in an Algerian EFL Context.

Supervisors: Prof. Liam Murray and Dr Marta Giralt


Name: Roumaissa Bougherara

Thesis title: Teachers’ Practices on Classroom Diversity and Inclusion based on their Perspectives in the EFL Algerian Context at the Higher Education Level following a UDL framework.   

Supervisors: Dr Brona Murphy, Dr Nick Wilson 


Name: Oum Kaltoum Charrak

Thesis title: An Examination of the Practice Component of Pre-Service English Teacher Education Programmes: Algeria in the International Context.

Supervisors: Prof. Fiona Farr, Prof. Paul Conway


Name: Khaoula Daoudi

Thesis title: English for Specific Purposes: Introducing Data Driven Learning to Teach Specialised Lexis

Supervisors: Dr Catherine Martin and Prof Angela Chambers


Name: Ismahane Djeffal

Thesis title: Exploring the Perceptions and Attitudes of Young Evangelicals toward the "Evangelical Vote" for Donald Trump in 2016 and its Effects of the Future of Evangelicalism.

Supervisors: Prof. Owen Worth


Name: Asmaa Jazia Ghitri

Thesis title: Analysing Student-Teacher Discourse Post COVID-19 Using the Community of Inquiry Model in Algeria: A Corpus-Based Analysis of Online and Face-To-Face Modes

Supervisor: Dr Elaine Riordan


Name: Kahina Geundez

Thesis title: Lecturers' Opinions on English Language Teaching in Algerian Higher Education

Supervisor: Dr Veronica O'Regan and Dr Elaine Riordan


Name: Nour El Houda Lahiouel

Thesis title: EFL teachers training needs Analysis and professional development in inclusive pedagogy: a case study of preparedness to teach dyslexic students amongst EFL teachers in Algeria 

Supervisor: Prof. Mairead Moriarty


Name: Ryma Menai

Thesis title: Investigating Academic Writing of Algerian PhD Students at Limerick University: Case of Linguistic Innovations.

Supervisors: Dr Nick Wilson, Dr Niall Curry


Name: Ikram Messaoudi

Thesis title: The Role of Supervisors' Feedback in Improving Master's Students Thesis Writing in Algeria.

Supervisors: Dr Nick Wilson


Name: Ikram Metalsi 

Thesis title: Implementing an EMI Policy in Algerian Higher Education: A Study of Teachers' Attitudes, Agency, and Professional Identity

Supervisor: Prof. Helen Kelly-Holmes


Name: Sofia Nemouchi

Thesis title: Normalizing Tamazight langauge in Algeria: A language ideological analysis

Supervisor: Prof. Helen Kelly-Holmes


Name: Afaf Riahi

Thesis title: Investigating the occupational wellbeing of Algerian secondary school teachers of English as a foreign language. 

Supervisor: Dr Brona Murphy 


Name: Roumaissa Nora Sayoud

Thesis title: Legitimating a humanitarian military intervention: a critical discourse analysis of the political discourse of David Cameron (The 2011 Libyan Arab Spring rebellion as a case study)

Main Supervisors: Prof. Owen Worth, Dr Maria Rieder


Name: Douaa Soumeur

Thesis Title: Language Support, English as a Foreign Language, and Willingness to Communicate in the Higher Education Context in Algeria

Supervisors: Dr Deirdre Ní Loingsigh and Prof. Helen Kelly Holmes