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CALS Visiting Research Fellows


CALS welcomed a Marie-Curie postdoctoral fellow in 2021, Dr Sergi Morales-Gálvez.


Sergi Morales-Gálvez, BA Political Science, MA Political Philosophy (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona), PhD Philosophy (Leuven)


Sergi Morales-Gálvez is a political theorist who works mainly on topics in contemporary political philosophy, especially in theories of justice, multiculturalism, linguistic justice, republicanism, federalism and secession. His publications have appeared in Political Studies, Ethnicities, Ethnopolitics, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, Nations & Nationalism, and The Journal of Language and Law. He is co-editor (with Nenad Stojanović) of Equal Recognition, Minority Rights and Liberal Democracy (Routledge) and currently co-editing (with Marc Sanjaume, Elvira Riera and Lluís Pérez) a collective volume on Contemporary Analytic Political Philosophy (in Catalan).  




In 2019/2020, CALS welcomed two visiting Research Scholars. Dr. Sandra Ballweg (University of Bielefeld, Germany) and Petter Hagen Karlsen (PhD student employed at the Inland Norway University of Applied Science). 


Sandra Ballweg holds a PhD in second language acquisition with her PhD research focussing on the use of writing portfolios in foreign language instruction. She is the author of Portfolioarbeit im Fremdsprachenunterricht (2015) and co-author of Wie lernt man die Fremdsprache Deutsch? (2013). Her primary areas of research interest include multilingualism, language and identity, foreign language writing, and learner autonomy.Sandra was funded by the the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility scheme for her second trip as visiting scholar to the University.



Petter Hagen Karlsen is a Norwegian PhD student employed at the Inland Norway University of Applied Science and is part of the Faculty of Education, Department of Humanities. He has a bachelor’s degree in music teacher education, a master’s degree in the didactics of English language and culture, and is at present enrolled in the program PhD in Teaching and Teacher Education (PROFF). He has worked one year as a university lecturer teaching primarily English grammar, English didactics, and cognitive linguistics before enrolling into the PhD program. Prior to entering teacher training, he served three years in the Norwegian armed forces as a logistics sergeant.

He is currently writing his dissertation on the pedagogical use of corpora in the English as a foreign language classroom. The research project centers on upper secondary school in Norway and uses pedagogically mediated multimedia corpora for direct classroom applications. The focus of the project is on teacher and student voices, interactions, beliefs, and their engagement with the corpora. It is planned to be concluded by May 2021. He is also part of the CorLing research group. His goal is to work as a researcher and lecturer in higher education.

During part of his writing period, he will be staying at the University of Limerick, Ireland. There he will be completing two articles as part of his dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Fiona Farr. The stay is intended to give new impulses and different perspectives that can help improve his dissertation.