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Why Volunteer?

There are many reasons why people will volunteer for this study.  For some people, being involved in the study will allow them to become more informed about their own body composition (e.g. percentage body fat and lean tissue mass).  Some volunteers will have a general interest in the this topic and will be interested in finding out more about the study while others will want to get involved in the study because they want to help in the advancement of knowledge on human body composition.

The University of Limerick Body Composition Study will provide a reference point for adult human body composition early in the 21st century. The data will contribute to the National Observatory and the World Health Organisation. The outcomes of the study will inform policy and practice amongst the HSE and related agencies. It is timely at the beginning of the 21st century to have this information and be able to act upon it. The ultimate value of the study is dependent on the ability to follow trends in the adult human body composition in current and future generations.

If you are interested in volunteering for this study, please read through all Volunteer Information on the website. This will help you make an informed decision as to whether you would like to participate in the study.  We want to include individuals of different sizes, shapes, activity levels and fitness levels in this study.  This study is open to all individuals from the University of Limerick Community.  Please go to the Current Recruitment Information tab for futher information on current research studies.

Body Composition Study at UL