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Body Composition Study

The measurement procedures for the Body Composition Study will take place in one room in the Physical Education and Sport Sciences (PESS) building. The PESS Building is located in the University of Limerick's Campus not far from the University's Arena. On the map it is reference point Number 27 and is referred to as the Sports Building. The PESS building is located behind the Schrodinger Building (reference point Number 23).  A map of the UL campus can be found here.  The Body Composition Assessment room can be accessed via the side door of the PESS building. The side door is at the front of the PESS building.

On entering the side door, take an immediate left and proceed down the corridor. The Body Composition Assessment room is accessed via the second door on the right hand side of the corridor.

The researcher will be there to meet you, and will show you where you can get changed. You should allow 1 hour for your appointment.  When all your measurements are taken, you can exit via the side door.  During the measurement process, no physical activity is involved and therefore you will not need to shower afterwards.


A map of car parking facilities is found here.  Public car parking is denoted by the letter 'P' on the map. The PESS building is located a short walk from the public car parks. On entering the Physical Education and Sport Sciences Building main doors, proceed up the 3 stairs in front of the canteen. Turn right and continue down the corridor until you see Classroom P1007 on the right hand side.


Body Composition Study at UL