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Skin Fold Measurements

For the skinfolds measurment, females will be asked to wear a vest top and shorts and males will be asked to wear a 'T'-shirt or Polo top and shorts.

The researcher will identify specific areas on the body where the skinfold measurements will occur.The measurement sites will include areas such as the the arms, legs and torso whilst standing, or sitting in a relaxed position.  The limb girths corresponding to these sites will be measured with a tape.

Calipers used in measurement of skinfolds

Calipers used in measurement of skinfolds

Using a special piece of equipment called a calipers, the tester pinches the skin at the specific body site to raise a double layer of skin and the underlying adipose tissue, but not muscle.

The calipers are then place about 1cm below from where the tester is holding the skinfold site and a reading is taken 2 seconds later. A maximum of 3 measurements of the same site will be taken.

Tester measuring the skinfold at the iliac crest (located above the hip).

Body Composition Study at UL