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Academic Research VisitorsEarth Rise

Short Visits   

  • Prof. Wally Gilks (2005), BSU, Cambridge, UK: Bioinformatics
  • Dr. Jianxin Pan (2006), University of Manchester,  UK:Covariance Modelling
  • Prof.. Defen Peng, (2009),  May, McMaster University Canada (Interval Censoring) , BIO-SI
  • Prof. Il Do Ha & Mr. Lee (2009). Deigu Hanaay University, S. Korea and Seoul National :February for  2 weeks (BIO-SI).
  • Prof.Jinde Wang,(2009) Nanjing University, PRC (BIO-SI), 2 weeks from  September 9th.
  • Prof. Bent Jorjensen (2011), XD Models, BIO-SI, June 1-4th,.

Longer Visits

  • Prof. Defen Peng (2005/6, 1 yr), Zhongnan university of Economics&Law,Wuhan, PR.China: Frailty Modelling
  • Prof.  Il Do Ha  (2006/7, 1 yr) , Deigu Hanaay University, S. Korea: MV Survival Analysis and DHGLMS
  • Mrs Anil Dolgun, Hacettepe, Univ., 0.5 years from March 2009 (BIO-SI).
  • Col. Dr. Yasin Al-tawarah, Royal Jordanian (Army) Medical Service, 3 weeks in June/July, 2009 (BIO-SI).