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Seomra na Gaeilge


Seomra na Gaeilge is a meeting place for the Irish language community at UL. It is central to initiatives at UL to promote the use of Irish, as per national and institutional policy on campus.

It is an informal social space where staff and students:

  • can be certain of an opportunity to speak Irish on campus;
  • meet other members of the UL Irish language community;
  • improve their Irish language skills;
  • find out about Aonad na Gaeilge Irish language learning resources, supports and activities;
  • work on collaborative projects and initiatives through the medium of Irish;
  • relax & take coffee or lunch breaks in an Irish-medium setting;
  • use whatever Irish they have without being worried about language accuracy or fluency.

Seomra na Gaeilge is situated next to the offices of Aonad na Gaeilge (the Irish Language Centre at UL). A range of courses, resources, workshops and language advising clinics to develop Irish proficiency and learner autonomy are provided by Aonad na Gaeilge. Irish-medium publications and other reading material are available in the room and details of Irish-medium events are posted on the notice board. Comhordaitheoir Sheomra na Gaeilge, a student events’ co-ordinator is appointed every semester.

Kitchen facilities include tea and coffee making facilities, microwave, fridge and dishwasher. Tea and coffee are provided at a subsidised cost. Meeting facilities include wi-fi, PC, projector, screen and white board.

Seomra na Gaeilge facilities and activities are funded by the Higher Education Authority Special Provision for the Support of the Irish Language. Suggestions regarding the use and promotion of Seomra na Gaeilge at UL are welcome. See short survey HERE.



  1. The provision of an Irish-medium common area and social learning space for students and staff of the University is the principal purpose of Seomra na Gaeilge.
  2. Seomra na Gaeilge is used as a venue for Irish-medium and bilingual and multilingual events with an Irish language focus/element. Priority is given to events which are run through the medium of Irish. 
  3. Seomra na Gaeilge may be used at suitable times during the week as a classroom, film space, meeting venue, music session venue, project planning space, exhibition/presentation space or writing space.
  4. Seomra na Gaeilge is used after hours as a teaching and learning space for Aonad na Gaeilge programmes and as a venue for guest lectures and events for the Irish language community. (Security arrangements must be made with UL Buildings and Estates for these bookings).
  5. Visitors to Seomra na Gaeilge are asked to respect these terms and the use of Irish as the language of communication there.
  6. Coiste na Gaeilge, (Standing Committee with responsibility for the Irish language at UL) in conjunction with Stiúrthóir na Gaeilge is responsible for the drafting and reviewing  of terms relating to the purpose and use of Seomra na Gaeilge. 


Room Charter

  1. The IRISH LANGUAGE is the language of communication at Seomra na Gaeilge. Please respect this proviso and don’t put yourself in a situation where you may be asked to leave.
  2. Kindly check the weekly schedule posted on the door before entering Seomra na Gaeilge.
  3. Please keep the room clean and organised. Please bring your own cup. Items should be put in the dishwasher and not left on the sink.
  4. Furniture, books, cups, plates, cutlery etc should not be removed from Seomra na Gaeilge.
  5. If using the computer, kindly log off, switch off the projector and pull up the screen before leaving Seomra na Gaeilge.
  6. If you would like to book Seomra na Gaeilge for an event / meeting, please contact (Office LCO-014).