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Language Support for Students

Language Clinics

What are they?
30 minute sessions with a Language Advisor

When do they take place?
Wednesday mornings 10.00-13.00. Register with 

Who is this service for?

  • Anyone learning Irish
  • Anyone who wants to be a more effective learner
  • Anyone struggling with a specific aspect of the language

Do I have to speak Irish only?
No. If you are more comfortable using English when talking about your language learning journey, then English it is!
If you are nervous about coming for your first session, bring a friend!
These are confidential chats to support you.

What will happen?
You will speak to the Language Advisor about your experience of learning Irish, about any challenges you are experiencing as well as your learning aims. Together, you will work out a personalised plan that will help you take responsibility for your learning. You will feel more confident and motivated going forward.

How can the Learning Advisor help you?

  • Guidance with particular areas of difficulty
  • Useful resources and how best to use them
  • Planning for independent learning
  • Effective time management
  • Motivation and support