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EU/EFTA Countries

The agreed entry requirements criteria for European Union (EU)  and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) applicants (other than Irish Leaving Certificate) are available in the following link; EU/EFTA Guidelines.

For each country, the document outlines the recognition of the national school leaving examinations. The document also contains details on the recognition of multi-national qualifications including the European Baccalaureate and the International Baccalaureate.

The purpose of this document is to provide a framework for comparisons of EU and EFTA qualifications for entry to undergraduate programmes in Irish higher education institutions including the University of Limerick. The equivalencies act as recommendations and are not binding.

In relation to the interpretation of this document as it applies to the University of Limerick, applicants should note the following:

  • In all cases proof of English language competency is required. These are detailed in the "Introduction" section of the document under the heading "English Language Requirements".
  • When looking at any page for any country
    • In relation to the section "Minimum Entry Requirements" the section in the table "Level 8 - 2 H5 required" is applicable for entry to Level 8 undergraduate programmes. To satisfy minimum entry requirements candidates must have also passed in English, Mathematics and a second language.
    • For the purposes of using the conversion tables, details of the specific subject requirements in the Leaving Certificate for each undergraduate programme is available from the relevant course page in the Undergraduate Prospectus.

Applicants presenting older qualifications or qualifications not listed in the document should submit a query attaching scanned copies of those qualifications.

Acceptable English Language qualifications are listed here