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UK Students and fees


The Department of Education and Skills confirmed in January 2017 that any eligible UK students who enrol for eligible courses  for the 2017/18 academic year in a third level college recognised for the purposes of free fees will be able to avail of the Departments Free Fee Schemes.
All UK students availing of the free fee contribution for 2017/18 will be entitled to this annual contribution for the duration of their course.

Statement from the Irish Universities regarding UK Students and fees - 27 June 2016

In the period of uncertainty following the recent UK referendum to leave the European Union, the Irish universities collectively wish to reassure all UK students currently enrolled in an Irish university that they will continue to enjoy the same conditions as other EU students regarding fees and contributions, for the duration of their degree.
The Irish universities also confirm that UK applicants planning to enter an Irish university in 2017/18 will likewise enjoy these same conditions as other EU students for the duration of their degree.
As previously announced, UK applicants to Irish universities in 2016 and following years will benefit from a revised model for converting A-Level grades to Leaving Certificate points.
In the context of Brexit, the Irish universities wish to reaffirm their desire to encourage student mobility between the UK and the Republic of Ireland, and particularly with Northern Ireland.
For further information students should contact the university they attend or are applying to;