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Transfer - External Post Year 1 - NFQ Level 8 Major Award – Honours Bachelor Degree

External transfers (Post year 1) applications will be considered from students who have completed at least year 1 of a compatible programme (NFQ Level 8 Major Award – Honours Bachelor Degree) in another HEI College to our full-time programmes

Full details of all our programmes are available on our online prospectus 

Conditions of Transfer 

External student transfers from another HEI College into Year 2 or later years of a UL or MIC programme will be considered subject to the following conditions: 

  • The closing date for direct applications to UL is 1st July each academic year. Late applications may be considered at the discretion of the course director in consultation with the Admissions Office. 
  • Transfers are accepted into most of our programmes.  However a number of our programmes do not accept transfer applications due to the structure of the course.  Prior to submitting an application students are advised to discuss their options with the Head of the relevant School/Department of the programme they wish to transfer to.
  • Places must be available in the year in question of the alternative programme of study.  
  • Students must meet the programme entry subject requirements (from Leaving Certificate or equivalent subjects from their third-level programme) or the requirements of entry through an equivalent pathway, e.g., mature student or QQI FET Level 5 Award (NFQ Level 5 Major Award).
  • Students who do not have an award from another HEI must have achieved the minimum CAO cut-off points on the year they entered the HEI (including random selection and any HEAR and DARE points reduction, where applicable) or must have met the requirements of entry through an equivalent pathway, e.g., mature student or QQI FET Level 5 Award (NFQ Level 5 Major Award) on the year they entered the HEI. (Students who do not have the CAO points but have completed at least 60 credits and attained an average of at least 50% (honours 2.2 level) with no deficient grades in their current programme of study meet this eligibility requirement.) 
  • Students must have completed substantially equivalent learning in terms of learning outcomes to progress into at least Year 2 of the alternative programme. (Students who do not meet the equivalent learning outcomes requirement may be considered for a conditional offer into the alternative programme subject to satisfactory performance in a number of link-in modules. A student's entry into the alternative programme will be deferred until they have satisfactorily completed the specified link-in modules.) 
  • Where the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available, applicants will be ranked primarily on the level of their academic qualification(s) and academic performance. Students who do not have an award from another HEI may be considered on the basis of CAO points or equivalent pathway (e.g., mature student or QQI FET Level 5 Award (NFQ Level 5 Major Award)) entry requirements.  

Application Process

The transfer route in to UL's programmes depend on the number of places available, the content overlap of the programmes, your programme and competition for places in the year you apply.

In order to be assessed the applications must be accompanied by:
•Application form. With all relevant sections fully completed
•List details of current/past 3rd level studies in the Application form, complete or incomplete
•Full documentation, including course syllabus and certified transcripts (Final results must be sent to the Admissions office as soon as received)

Certified: All copies of original academic documents must be verified as true copies of the original. This means that the copies must be stamped and signed by the issuing institution,

Closing Date

Closing Date

The closing date for the receipt of completed applications is the 1st July. However, some programmes may accept late applications. Please contact the Undergraduate admissions office for further details askus

How Do I Apply

Please complete the application form and make payable the €35 application fee (non-refundable) which can be found in the link below.

Application Form and Application Fee

Please send the completed application form along with documentation to;

Address: Undergraduate Admissions Office, University of Limerick, Co Limerick, Ireland
Telephone: +353 61 202015