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Mature Student Applications

Applying as a Mature applicant

A mature student is someone who is 23 years of age or older by 1st January in the calendar year of proposed entry to an undergraduate programme. All mature applicants must apply through the Central Applications Office (CAO) by 1st February at 17:15. Applications can be made online at www.cao.ie.  Please note that all mature applicants who applied to the CAO by 1st February must send a personal statement for each programme and all supporting documents to the CAO by 1st March. 

CAO Application Process Mature Students 2020

Course Information
Mature Entry Requirements & Application assessment criteria
Business Courses
LM020 Bachelor of Arts in Law and Accounting 
LM050 Bachelor of Business Studies (including
Business with a language)
LM056 Bachelor of Arts International Business
LM063 Bachelor of Science in Technology Management
Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Courses
LM002 Bachelor of Arts
LM020 Bachelor of Arts in Law and Accounting 


Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Closed


Bachelor of Laws (Law Plus) Closed


Bachelor of Arts in Pschology & Sociology Closed

LM039 Bachelor of Arts Journalism and Digital Communication
LM040 Bachelor of Arts In European Studies 
LM044 Bachelor of Arts in Applied Languages
Irish World Academy of Music and Dance
LM026 Bachelor of Arts Performing Arts
Mature Nursing - PAS All applicants applying for mature entry to Nursing/Midwifery programmes must also register and apply though the Public Appointments Service (PAS) website www.publicjobs.ie. PAS undertakes the written assessment on behalf of the Nursing Careers Centre (NCC). Further information is available at www.nursingcareers.ie . Candidates should note there are specific CAO codes for mature entry to Nursing. These are as follows:


Bachelor of Science in Nursing (General) Closed


Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Mental Health) Closed


Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Intellectual Disability) Closed


Bachelor of Science in Midwifery Closed

Faculty of Science and Engineering
LM058 Bachelor of Science Financial Mathematics
LM063 Bachelor of Science in Technology Mangement 
LM068 Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Health
LM076 Bachelor of Science Product Technology and Design 
LM077 Bachelor of Engineering Aeronautical Engineering 
LM082 Bachelor of Science Construction Mangement and Engineering 
LM093 Bachelor of Science in Equine Science
LM099 Bachelor of Architecture
LM115 BE Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
LM116 BE Engineering Common Entry
LM118 BE Electronic and Computer Engineering
LM121 BSc. Computing Technologies
LM122 BSc Creative Media and Interactive Design
LM123 BSc Biological and Chemical Sciences
LM124 BSc Mathematics
LM125 BSc Physics
LM180 Certificate/Diploma in Equine Science
Education and Health Science
LM038 BA Psychology and Sociology


BSc Sports & Exercise Science  Closed


BSc Physical Education Closed

LM091 BA Languages with Concurrent Teacher Education


Bsc Science with Concurrent Teacher Education (Biology with Chemistry pr Physics or Agricultural Science
LM094 BTech Materials and Architectural Technology
LM095 BTech Materials and Engineering


BSc Science with concurrent Teacher Education (Physical Science with Chemistry and Physics)
LM097 BSc Mathematics and Computer Science


BSc Physiotherapy Closed


Bachelor of Science in Psychology Closed


Bachelor of Science in Paramedic Studies Closed