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UL Student Volunteering

Our vision for the University of Limerick is to provide an outstanding student experience, to actively serve our communities and to contribute to the civil, social and cultural life of the Shannon Region and beyond.  The President's Volunteer Award is a unique higher education volunteer award.  The President of the University formally recognises students for their volunteering work and that is why all PVA's boost the UL student transcript.  Please take the time to explore the below website and discover how volunteering can help to make a difference in your own life and in your community. 

To learn more about volunteering in UL:

The President's Volunteer Programme is always looking for access student tutors for the AccessCampus Study Club.

The PVP is a collaboration between the Faculty of Science & Engineering and the AccessCampus. Students from the Faculty of Science & Engineering work with members of the AccessCampus Study Club, providing tuition in Maths, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. AccessCampus Study Club members attend tuition at the University of Limerick for ten weeks each semester. Tuition takes place each Tuesday evening between 6pm and 8pm. You can learn more about this programme by visiting or emailing 

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