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Transition to University Course 2018 28th to 31st August

‘Please check the e-mail you provided to the CAO on Monday the 20th of August for the e-mail from UL admissions regarding registration for this mandatory pre-entry course. This will be a separate e-mail to the one containing your offer for UL and you should have this by 1pm on Monday the 20th.

Please read this information carefully and note the important times and dates. A more in depth and printable version can be found here 


What is it? 

The Transition to University Course (TUC) is a compulsory, residential, orientation programme for incoming University of Limerick Access students. 


Who is it for? 

All incoming UL Access students are to attend this course.  (Access students going to other higher education institutions also undertake an orientation programme.  Details can be sought directly from the institution concerned). 


When do I need to arrive?

Arrive between 10:00am and 1:30pm on Tuesday, 28th August 2018 at Cappavilla reception located here  for directions

Departure is from 1:00pm on Friday, 31st August 2018 which is the final day of the TUC programme. 


Where is it on? 

The Course is held at the University of Limerick.  Accommodation is provided in Cappavilla Village on the University campus and all students must stay for the three nights regardless of location. 


How much will it cost? 

There is no fee for the Course. Accommodation and two meals are provided each day. Students must bring their own breakfast and snacks (see food note on document above for more information).